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Berlin based Magnea creates a distinctive melodic vocal sound with catchy electronica beats, topping it all off with inspirations of classical and soundtrack arrangements.

The songs share contemporary pop values of love, despair, and sexuality with intimate lyrics pursuing strong independent female wisdom.


Magnea aka Liina Magnea is a singer/producer with a background in dance and performance. Magnea's music and moving image work combined to create a layered feminist drama that touches individuals, teen or gran.

Icelandic born Producer Thrastarson comes from a classical music and film background. With Magnea they explore ways to fuse contemporary musical fields, bringing a somatic new groove to the sound.

Hailing to the digital era the sound of Magnea comes not only from synthesizers and drum machines but also from effecting acoustic real-life samples. The goal is a balance of both digital and recorded sounds, with a leading melody on top.


Magnea has been collaborating with Maral Salmassi as the main producer for the upcoming Singles 700 and Profil. The collaboration started when the exclusively diverse producer heard an early demo of 700 and decided to help work on that sound. The artistic influences and aesthetics of all collaborative parties are evident throughout the tracks




  700, music video and remixes

  Profil, music video and remixes